Sunday, March 12, 2017

The Silent Warrior

Day and Night.

These are the magic words that represent her never ending cycle of emotional turbulence that is consuming her mind and gnawing at it greedily. Bit by bit.

With the rise of the ever shinning sun, she stands tall and proud, she faces the oncoming day with a smile on her face, daring the waves of life to give there hardest of hits, foolishly believing that she will conquer the world and stand on the highest point on earth, not even the sky would dare limit her ambitions. Her dreams are sharper than a spear, piercing through the doubters and pessimists like an accomplished warrior. She wears confidence and bravery proudly as she wears her smile on her face, like a badge of honor. Spreading her smiles to the masses like there is no tomorrow. Full of love and laughter.

Unknowing of the shadows that await her by the end of the day.

As the shimmering sun waves her hands, promising to visit tomorrow for another day of joy and merriment. The darkness starts creeping in, taking over her mind and soul, ridding her of her beautiful easy smile to be replaced with a frown of fear, she sees her happiness and stability vanishing between her hands into thin ear, consumed by the unknown, erasing any evidence of its existence.

She had never felt more alone.

The world looks like a merciless concrete jungle that spares the life of no one, her fears and doubts cackle and laugh at her misery, at her weak attempts of seeking help, they live of off her confusion, would kill to see her tears falling down her face, nothing is more enjoyable than witnessing the complete breakdown of a lost soul that once dared to strive for happiness. Her doubts and What If's dance in front of her eyes, humiliating her and scrutinizing her to no end.

When the moon illuminates the sky, it smiles sadly down at her, standing helplessly with no means of assistances, the stars are her only witnesses of her silent agony. What hurts her more than anything is plastering a smile on her face with complete emptiness of her heart, having to get used painting a smile on her face that kills her soul painfully and slowly each and everyday.

As she closes her eyes, she is left with nothing, her prayers are her only way of salvation, having nothing to lose but to offer what is left of her battered spirit to the power above, knowing that it can't get worst than this.

As she opens her eyes, she mentally cheers to herself for making it through the ruthless night, the gates of the known, where she is on a constant threat of falling into the abyss. she sees the lightning of the welcomed sun shinning through her blinds, she feels her spirit cheer up and stand on its feet, carrying its scars on its sleeve, the unwavering evidence of the fierce battle ,giving it another shot of redemption. Thanking her friend for fulfilling her promise.

And with that, she puts it upon herself to take matters into her hands and leave her own foot trails of happiness that will guide her home and diminish the darkness for good.

Or so she thought.

Copyright © 2017 Yasmin Mohamed El Ali. All rights reserved.