Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Future Cat Lady.

A day doesn't pass by that she hadn't had her pep talk, she encourages herself every single day to get up from her warm, soft, fluffy and probably food stocked bed, to face the psychotic world. A world that's full of criminals, rapists, cheaters, weird creepy feet sniffers and worst of all ,people who don't appreciate Breakfast at Tiffany's. Horrible horrible world. She faces the world with a 1000 megawatt smile and putting one foot in front of the other. She faces the daily school/family/life drama, and yet, she doesn't give up hope. She has believed and always will believe that tomorrow will always be better, even when she feels so helpless and weak.
When she thinks she has hit rock bottom, there's a small , tiny voice that whispers to her "its going to be okay". She assists others and still be completely selfless , her motto is honesty, she hits you hard with the truth whether you it's beautiful or ugly because that's the way it is... or go ghetto on your ass (excuse my french). Either ways, she's filled of so much flaws but again everyone does, but she puts on her best traits for everyone to see. 
So in short Shes The future cat lady.

Hey guys!! so this is dedicated to my crazy awesome lama ,whose genuinely one from the best people I have ever met and I ever had the pleasure to meet. LOVE YOU!

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