Monday, June 30, 2014

A Rain Shower Of The Truth

Its in Human's Nature to reject everything that represents diversity or a very mere difference which some can't help, which unfortunately happens all the time , whether it was of religion , race or colour... which indeed is a problem, however whats even mightier than this issue is the fact that a lot of people are deluded by the idea that such drawbacks doesn't exist . That we live in a world of rainbows and unicorns and smiles are everywhere ,THAT'S THE TRUE ISSUE. The mere act of acknowledge the existence of such obstacles is impossible and catastrophic itself. 

When you mention the amount of problems that are surrounding us, I would bet you that 8 out 10 people will turn away as soon as you mention them, reason? its either a) they don't care or not interested, b)don't even know what the heck is happening or C which in my opinion is widely utilized ,think its revolting, which is why some of the people who would be reading this already left this page as soon as they figured out what I'm talking about. As mentioned before, some people just don't like mentioning the number of casualties or kidnapping that's happening in any place really, they just try to ignore it, which's about one of the main problems why where in such set back, which is why the people in Africa are starving or the people in Bosnia are being maliciously murdered, THIS IS NOT AND I REPEAT NOT A DISCLAIMER OF WHAT ORGANIZATIONS AND CHARITIES ARE DOING , but if more people actually gave a damn ,all of these problem will dissolve away. Sadly Most people would prefer setting back and relaxing watching the Kardshians or some useless reality series that the money that was used in it's production would've had better alternative consuming option, like feeding the homeless. I'm not saying that people are not trying to make a difference, they are! but no one is supporting them! they are probably thought to be needing a mental institution and are in the need of medical care, or some naive gullible individuals that are being foolish for actually thinking they can make a change, THAT'S COLD BLOODED REALITY! some people call it pessimism BUT I CALL IT LIFE. 

There will come a time where regrets and remorse will be a mans best friend ,where the only think he can do is wishful thinking about what he could have done back then, however one can always have hope, no matter how little it is. Lets be real for a second, all of this destruction is taking place as you read this, but.... if people didn't have hope back then, we would have been exterminated by now.  


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