Friday, October 3, 2014

Strangers To Ourselves.

What Have we come too? what came out of us? where had gone the times where people actually cared about their lives? how did we reach the point where technology started controlling us, stealing our will power into the clutches of the mechanical monster, destroying an endless amount of brain cells for the sake of being "hip" and "cool".

Gone the days where happiness would be the most common emotion and now....people would die to achieve it , where simplicity was the life style everyone sought to. 

Why is it that people now are so depressed over life? people are being suicidal and inflicting self harm on themselves because they couldn't handle the obstacles life threw at them, is it worth losing yourself ? those who are thinking these days that "life is the real pain" and "were finished" . life might knock you over on your ass but you have tomorrow to look forward to. Even though you destiny is determined and you have no way of knowing what going to happen next. it can be frightening. oh yes it can be.

But being the fragile ,defenseless human we are. we can only have faith in God. have faith in God and be better individuals. It may sound simple and easy but being a better person is by believing that your doing this for the good of the others and knowing the fact that God doesn't close one door without opening another.

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